Section 5: Faculty Rights, Responsibilities, and Policies

5.1  Academic Freedom

5.1.1  AAUP Statements of Faculty Rights

5.1.2  Political Activities of Faculty

5.1.3  First Amendment Rights

5.2  The Honor Code

5.2.1  Student/Faculty Interactions and Honor Code

5.2.2  Faculty Actions Related to the Honor Code

5.2.3  Faculty Response to Suspected Violations of the Honor Code

5.3  Equal Opportunity and Respectful Workplace Policies

5.3.1  Equal Employment Opportunity

5.3.2  Statement of Nondiscrimination

5.3.3  Workplace Violence Policy

5.3.4  Retaliation

5.3.5  Workplace Harassment Policies

5.4  Academic Policies and Regulations

5.4.1  The Academic Year

5.4.2  Teaching Load

5.4.3  Schedule of Class Meetings

5.4.4  Classroom Teaching

5.4.5  Student and Faculty Absences from Classes

5.4.6  Course Plans and the Syllabus

5.4.7  Office Hours

5.4.8  Final Examination

4.5.9  Reporting Student Enrollment, Progress, and Final Grades

5.4.10  Student Advising

5.4.11  Academic Assistance Offered by Faculty to Students

5.4.12  Student Recommendations

5.4.13  Approval of Candidates for Degrees

5.4.14 Participation in Academic Ceremonies

5.5  Faculty Development

5.5.1  UMW Grants

5.5.2  Professional Travel

5.5.3  Jepson Fellowships

5.5.4  UMW Center for Teaching

5.5.5  Digital Learning Support

5.5.6  Taking Courses

5.5.7  External Grants

5.6  Professional Issues

5.6.1  Institutional Review Board

5.6.2  Outside Employment and Consulting

5.6.3  Testifying as an Expert Witness

5.6.4  Conflict of Interest

5.6.5  Policies Addressing Textbook Sales and Bookstores

5.7  Working Conditions and Related Policies

5.7.1 Intellectual Property

5.7.2  Protection of Persons and Property

5.7.3  Policy on Use of Computers and Networks and Network

5.7.4 Virginia Freedom of Information Act

5.7.5  Access to Resources

5.8  Faculty Grievance Policy and Procedure

5.8.1  Definitions

5.8.2  Coverage

5.8.3  Non-grievable Actions

5.8.4  Bias Offense and Incident Reporting

5.8.5  Faculty Affairs and Grievance Procedure

5.8.6  First Filing of the Grievance

5.8.7  Attempt at Informal Resolution

5.8.8  Formal Procedures to Hear the Grievance

5.8.9   Formal Request to the University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

5.8.10  Statement of Charges, Preparation and Distribution

5.8.11  Composition of the University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

5.8.12  Conduct of  Formal Committee Deliberations

5.8.13  Pre-Hearing Conference

5.8.14  Procedure for Final Hearing