Evaluation of Adjunct Instructors


The department chair will evaluate, in writing, the teaching of adjunct faculty after every odd-numbered semester of teaching (not necessarily successive), beginning with the first. The basis for these evaluations will be established by the department chair and the faculty member at the time of the latter’s initial appointment. Evaluation materials will include: student course evaluations, which will be completed every semester by students in courses taught by adjunct faculty; course materials prepared by the faculty member; and the chair’s own observations. Once completed, the faculty member will receive a copy of the evaluation and have the opportunity to accept it or write a letter of exception regarding it. The evaluation, and any letter of exception, will become a part of department’s files and the faculty member’s University Personnel File maintained in the Office of the Provost. Adjunct faculty must receive at least a “meets expectations” rating in evaluations to continue employment at the University.