The Schedule for Annual Evaluation


6.6.1 Principles  Under no circumstances will faculty members be required or encouraged to submit materials or perform other evaluation-related activities outside their designated contract period.

6.6.2 Dates   The Provost’s Office shall publish a list of deadlines for the academic year that covers all aspects of the annual faculty evaluation. The list will observe appropriate periods of time for assembling materials, writing and evaluating reports, scheduling conferences, making appeals, etc., in an approximation of the sample calendar. Dates should be adjusted to working days; the full calendar applies only if every step is appealed. The Provost’s Office will distribute a specific calendar of dates to be followed in a particular academic year. This calendar is provided to serve as a guide for where the dates generally fall. Sample Annual Faculty Evaluation Calendar for Nine Month Faculty   



FAARs, modified APWF’s, and special assignment performance reviews submitted to chairs/supervisors (§§6.2-6.5)

May 15

peer review materials (§§6.2.1–2) available for examination by peer reviewers
May 15 – August 31
(optional) annotations of course evaluation results submitted to chairs (§§
August 31
department chair evaluation commentaries (§ submitted to dean

September 7

peer reviews if required(§ submitted to chairs

September 7
chair-faculty conferences/negotiation as specified in departmental plan
starting September 8
all departmental materials (§ submitted to dean;  APRs (with evaluation level) and FAARS are be given to the dean even if they are not yet signed by the faculty Member
September 13

chair-Dean conferences/negotiation (§§–4); all APRs must be signed by faculty members prior to the chair-Dean conference

Sept. 18–October 17

letters of exception (§§ submitted to Dean and Provost, respectively

October 25

written resolutions completed (§§

November 8


6.6.3  Late Documents Evaluation documents not submitted, or not received, or received late, should be brought to the attention of the relevant party or parties immediately and steps taken urgently to correct the omission. In particular, within five working days of the submission of all departmental materials to the dean, the dean shall send written notice of any missing APR to the faculty member and chair involved, advising that the omission be corrected immediately.