Tenure Requirements


7.7.1  General Requirements    To become tenured, a faculty member must observe professional ethics, must satisfactorily complete a prescribed probationary period of service as a full-time teaching member of the faculty, must attain the rank of assistant professor or higher, and must be awarded tenure status by official action of the Board of Visitors .  No administrator or department chair has the authority to guarantee or award tenure or to waive tenure requirements.

7.7.2  Time of Service and Eligibility for Tenure    Faculty employed in teaching positions designated non-tenure track will not be eligible for tenure regardless of time served in those positions.  If a person holding a non-tenure track position is later hired into a tenure-track position, some consideration may, at the discretion of the administration and the Board of Visitors, be made as to the inclusion of up to two years of this service in the six years of required probationary service.  Such arrangements shall be made at the time of employment into the tenure-track position.  The granting of a tenured appointment is a separate and independent decision made by the Board of Visitors with respect to an individual faculty member.  Tenured appointments are in no way related to rank (except for the minimum requirement of assistant professor), salary, or conditions of initial appointment.

7.7.3  Probationary Period    The probationary period is six years of full-time teaching experience at the University, unless a faculty member has chosen to extend that period in accordance with §3.14. The Board of Visitors may consider prior full-time service at another college or university as credit for not more than two years of the probationary period.  Also, credit toward meeting the probationary period may be earned during leaves of absence from the University, with or without pay, if the leave is deemed in advance by the Provost to be one in which the professional development of the faculty member and the interests of the University will be advanced.