Faculty Marshals


Faculty Marshals direct the faculty during graduation and honor convocation, and at any other event where faculty formally process in regalia. The Grand Marshal leads the party platform, carries the mace, and convenes and concludes the Commencement Ceremony from the podium. There are six Faculty Marshals in total: two undergraduate Faculty Marshals and one undergraduate Grand Marshal as well as two graduate Faculty Marshals and one graduate Grand Marshal. The graduate Faculty Marshals will be drawn from among the graduate faculty. Faculty Marshals shall be full-time members of the faculty with at least five years of service; Grand Marshals must have at least 10 years of service. All Marshals shall be appointed by the University Faculty Organization Committee by the same process used to appoint members of faculty committees, as specified in sections 2.5 and 2.7. Both Faculty and Grand Marshals serve three year terms and may serve consecutive terms. These procedures are in effect starting in 2019.