Biological Sciences Department

Lynn O. Lewis, Chair

Lynn O. Lewis, Career Advisor, Pre-Veterinary
Stephen G. Gallik, Career Advisor, Pre-Medical/Dental
Deborah A. O’Dell, Career Advisor, Biology and Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy
Alan B. Griffith, Career Advisor, Allied Health


Professor and William M. Anderson, Jr. Distinguished Chair of Biological Sciences

Rosemary Barra


Dianne M. Baker
Andrew S. Dolby
Stephen G. Gallik
Alan B. Griffith
Lynn O. Lewis
Deborah A. O’Dell

Associate Professors

Theresa M. Grana
Abbie M. Tomba
Deborah L. Zies

Assistant Professors

Josephine Antwi
Bradley A. Lamphere
R. Parrish Waters
April N. Wynn


Michael C. Stebar