American Studies

American Studies Course Offerings

American Studies course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of AMST in the course listings.

201- Introduction to American Studies (3)

Introduction to the method and theory of American Studies, its practice and a survey of key texts.

202 – Sophomore Special Topics Seminar (3)

Sophomore-level seminar that explores a topic chosen by the instructor.

203- American Protest (3)

This seminar explores how social movements have demanded access to political, cultural, and economic institutions in order to generate change and promote social justice.

204- American Foodways (3)

This seminar looks at the ways in which foodways relates American society and culture, and develops many of the skills that are central to interdisciplinarity.

303 – Junior Special Topics Seminar (3)

Junior-level seminar that explores a topic chosen by the instructor.

305 – American Gender and Sexuality (3)

This seminar explores the ways in which various disciplines explore the behaviors and attitudes tied to gender and sexuality in the Untied States.

350 – Topics in American Studies (3)

Exploration of specific topics in American Studies.

485 – Senior Thesis (3)

Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of instructor. A significant research project pursued under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

491 – Independent Study (3)

Directed individual research on problems in American Studies, as approved by the Director. No more than three credits can count toward the major.

499 – Internship (variable credit)

Supervised off-campus experience, developed in consultation with the Director. Six credits may be taken but only three credits may count in major.