Italian Course Offerings

Italian course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of ITAL in the course listings.

101, 102 – Beginning Italian (3, 3)

Grammar, composition, conversation, reading, laboratory use.

201, 202 – Intermediate Italian (3, 3)

Grammar review, reading, oral work, laboratory use.

291, 292 – Studies in Language (3, 3)

Reading, conversation, and composition in Italian with emphasis on communication and analysis of language through lectures and discussions.

300 – Topics in Italian Culture (3)

Important literary works and authors, ideas, movements, and institutions in Italian culture.

316 – Society and Civilization (3)

Literary, social, and cultural history of the Italian people from the Renaissance to the 20th century.

383 – Modern Italian Literature (3)

A study of modern Italian works, including selections from Ungaretti, Moravia, Carlo Levi, Buzzati, Silone, Pasolini, Calvino, and others.

395 – Italian Literature in Translation: Dante’s Divine Comedy (3)

Taught in English. A thorough study of the Divine Comedy in its historical and cultural background.

396 – Italian Literature in Translation: Masterpieces of the Renaissance (3)

Taught in English. A study of major Renaissance authors. Petrarch, Boccaccio, Cellini, Ariosto, Castiglione, Tasso, Machiavelli, etc.

491, 492 – Individual Study (3, 3)

Intensive study of one or more authors selected by student in consultation with advisor.

499 – Internship (Credits variable)

Supervised off-campus experience, developed in consultation with the department.