Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Course Offerings

The Middle Eastern Studies program is a multi-discipline program.  Course Descriptions for these classes can be found under the individual disciplines.

ARAB 351 – Classical Arabic Literature in Translation

ARAB 352 – Modern Arabic Literature in Translation

ARTH/CLAS 305 – Egyptian and Near Eastern Art and Archeology

GEOG 304 – Geography of the Middle East

HIST 383 – Islamic Civilization I

HIST 384 – Islamic Civilization II

HIST 385 – The Arab-Israeli Conflict

HIST 386 – Modern Iraq

HIST 387 – Turkey from Empire to Republic

PSCI 355 – Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

RELG 210 – Islam

RELG 341 – Major Religious Thinkers

Contact the program director for information regarding sections of History (HIST) 471, Political Science (PSCI) 471, and Religion (RELG) 331 or 400 that might be able to count toward the minor depending upon  the course topic.