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Women’s and Gender Studies

The Women’s and Gender Studies major focuses on gender and the experiences of women as central categories of scholarly inquiry. This interdisciplinary program, leading to a general liberal arts and studies degree (Bachelor of Arts), emphasizes diverse perspectives on both the construction and the experience of femininity and masculinity in society, including the complex interactions of gender, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and race. Students learn to appreciate the breadth of human experience and the challenges that all people face as gendered beings.

The purpose of the major is to provide students with interdisciplinary breadth; however, students are encouraged to work with their faculty advisors to formulate their course work around issues or themes of particular interest.

Requirements for the Women’s and Gender Studies Major

Thirty-three (33) credits, to include the following (consult relevant sections of this Catalog for course titles and descriptions): 1) Foundation courses (both required): WGST 101, Introduction to Women’s Studies, and PHIL 220, Introduction to Feminism

2) Methods course (one required) taken from the following: AMST 201, ARTH 303, ENGL 295, HISP 205, HIST 299, PSCI 391, PSYC 362, SOCG 364, 365, or 475. Many of these courses have prerequisites; consult the sections of this Catalog where these course descriptions appear.

3) Electives: Six (6) elective courses taken from at least three (3) different disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of Women’s and Gender Studies.  One of the electives must emphasize difference in the form of race, class, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, or sexuality.  The permanent list of approved electives appears below.  An additional list of approved electives will be circulated by the program director each semester.

4) Capstone courses (two required): One capstone experience is a course in an appropriate field of study from an approved list to be provided each semester in which the student will focus his or her class work on issues related to the Women’s and Gender Studies major or an independent study (WGST 491). For the second capstone experience, all Women’s and Gender Studies majors will design a capstone project (WGST 485) under the supervision of an affiliated faculty member. The student will submit a proposal for approval by a committee composed of the program director, the student’s faculty advisor, and another member of the Women’s and Gender Studies advisory committee the semester before it is to be completed. The project provides students with the opportunity to engage in the creation of original material and to apply the methods and approaches that they have acquired in the major.

Women’s and Gender Studies Course Offerings

Women’s and Gender Studies course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of WGST in the course listings.  

The Women’s and Gender Studies program is a multi-discipline program.  Additional course descriptions for these classes can be found under the individual disciplines.

101 – Introduction to Women’s Studies (3)

This course explores questions about sex and gender roles and conceptions of male/female experience. It uses texts and videos from several disciplines, sometimes supplemented by guest lectures.

102 – Perspectives in Sexuality (3)

This course is designed to examine the theoretical and social implications of lesbian and gay histories, politics, geographies, cultures, arts, and identities. It is interdisciplinary in scope and content, reflecting upon and drawing from the disciplines of history, psychology, sociology, geography, the arts, literature, and women’s studies.

300 – Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (3)

Topics offered under this heading are designed to supplement and enhance the Women’s and Gender Studies program.  Check Schedule of Courses for specific topics.

400 – Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (3)

Topics offered under this heading are designed to supplement and enhance the Women’s and Gender Studies program.  Check Schedule of Courses for specific topics.

485 – Senior Project (3)

Prerequisite: senior status and committee approval of topic. Capstone course involving the in-depth investigation of a subject and creation of original material under close supervision by a faculty member affiliated with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

491 – Individual Study (3)

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. Individual investigation of a subject of significance to women and/or gender studies directed by a faculty member affiliated with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. No more than two (2) Women’s and Gender Studies 491 courses will count towards the major.

499 – Internship (variable)

Supervised off-campus experience, developed in consultation with a faculty member affiliated with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Women’s and Gender Studies Electives List

AMST 305– American Gender and Sexuality
ANTH 212 – Anthropology of Gender
ARTH 460 – Women and Western Art
CLAS 310 – Women in Antiquity
ENGL 327 — Jane Austen
ENGL 353 – Asian American Literature
ENGL 369 – Women and Modernism
HIST 334 – Early Modern European Women’s History
HIST 326  – History of Manhood in the US
HIST 327 – US Women’s History to 1870
HIST 328 – US Women’s History since 1870
HIST 368 – Gender in Chinese History
HIST 396 – History of Sexuality in the US
HIST 462 – Women in Latin America
IDIS 203 — Introduction to Ethnic Studies
LING 307 – Language and Gender
PHIL 350 – Feminist Theory and Philosophy
PSCI 370 – Women and Politics
PSYC 349 – Human Sexuality
PSYC 350 – Psychology of Women
REGL 231B8– Christianity After the New Testament
RELG 310 – Women and Sexuality in the Western Religious Tradition
RELG 331CC – Sex and Religion in America
SOCG 304 – Social Stratification
SOCG 315 – Gender and Society
SOCG 331– The Family
SOCG 400 – Sociology of the Body
SOCG 434 – Gender and Work
SPAN 475 – Hispanic Women Writers
THEA 310 – Fashion History
WGST 102 – Perspectives in Sexuality
WGST 491 – Independent Study
WGST 499 – Internship