Arts Administration Minor

Combining a solid foundation of theory and practice, the Arts Administration minor creates a pathway of the education and experience students need to gain access to a career path in the field. With strong classroom experience in business and arts administration and experiential learning designed to apply knowledge to practice, the minor is a robust and flexible field of study that is an ideal complement to any major, but particularly for students in the arts.

The minor incorporates key courses in accounting, management, and marketing in the College of Business. These concepts are focused on the field in two specialized courses in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Finally, students develop and strengthen their skills by pursuing practicum assignments in essential areas of arts administration to enhance their experience in the minor. The faculty encourages students to pursue a internship to increase their proficiency in arts administration and establish a network of professional contacts. The University’s proximity to the world-class arts organizations in Washington, DC, gives students unprecedented opportunities to work in the field.

Students interested in enrolling in the minor must contact the chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance for additional details.

Requirements for the Arts Administration Minor (15 credits)

ACCT 101, MGMT 301 or MKTG 301; THEA 281, 481, and three (3) credits in DANC 499 or THEA 390 or 499.

Course Descriptions for Disciplines in the Minor:

Accounting (ACCT)

Management (MGMT)

Marketing (MKTG)

Theatre (THEA)

Dance (DANC)