Latin American Studies Minor

Jeremy G. Larochelle, Program Director

Affiliated Faculty

Latin American Studies Minor

The Latin American Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to familiarize students with the history, geography, politics, languages and cultures of Latin America. The minor draws on courses in Anthropology, Geography, History, Political Science and Spanish with the goal of providing the student with several disciplinary approaches to the study of this complex region.

Requirements for the Latin American Studies Minor

Eighteen (18) credits including either HIST 361 or 362 and one upper-level Spanish course (chosen from SPAN 305 or higher).  The remaining 12 credits will be electives from  at least two different disciplines, and can be chosen from approved courses in Anthropology, History, Geography, Political Science, and Spanish.

Approved Courses*
ANTH 350, 365, 450; ENGL 329, 330; GEOG 301A, 360E; HIST 361, 362, 462; PSCI 323, 324, 444; SPAN 327A, 328A, 345, 370, 385B, 425, 485A.

*A course not on this list maybe approved as one elective by the faculty advisor.