Social Justice Minor

Social Justice Minor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Social justice emphasizes equity and fairness in all aspects of human experience. The Social Justice minor allows students to explore injustices such as cultural imperialism, exploitation, human rights abuses, marginalization, and structural and physical violence using a variety of disciplinary perspectives and tools. Further, the Social Justice minor encourages students to recognize and work to ameliorate injustice in its myriad forms through a combination of classroom, research, and practical experiences in local and global communities.

Requirements for the Social Justice Minor

Eighteen (18) credits, including American Studies (AMST 201); four electives, three of which must be upper-level, drawn from at least three disciplines; Sociology (SOCG) 475 or an approved three-credit internship or an approved three-credit course within a study abroad program.

Courses for the Social Justice Minor

AMST 201- Introduction to American Studies (3)

Introduction to the method and theory of American Studies, its practice and a survey of key texts.

SOCG 475 – Public Sociology (3)

Prerequisite: SOCG 105. Students will be trained on participatory action research methods. Action research is community-based and operates on a collaborative model of social research that simultaneously engages academic practices and democratic social change. Data used may include interviews, focus groups, participant observation, documents, records, reports, and surveys.

Lower-Level Electives

AMST 203 – American Protest
ANTH 211  Anthropology of Race
ANTH 212  Anthropology of Gender
GEOG 101  World Regional Geography
PHIL 210 – Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 220  Introduction to Feminism
WGST 101  Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies 

Upper-Level Electives

AMST 305 – American Genders & Sexualities
ECON 324 – Economics of Philanthropy and the Non-Profit Sector
ECON 351 – Poverty, Influence, and Equality
ENGL 328 – New World Writing in the Colonial Period
ENGL 329 – Literature of Nation-Building in the Americas or ENGL 330 – Hemispheric Fiction
ENGL 352 – African-American Literature Pre-1900 or ENGL 354 – African-American Literature Post-1900
ENGL 360 – Literature of Resistance
ENGL 378 – Science Fiction Literature
GEOG 331 – Race and Place in America
GEOG 332 – Migration Politics in a Globalizing World
GEOG 339 – Geography and Development
HIST 308 – U.S. Labor History
HIST 315 – U.S. Immigration History
HIST 385 – The Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST 396 – History of Sexuality in the U.S.
SOCG 304 – Social Stratification
SOCG 404 – Global Inequality and Development
SOCG 421 – Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOCG 442 – Social Change
SPAN 345 – Ideas on nature in Latin American Literature
SPAN 365 – Detective Fiction from Spain and Latin America