Course/Credit Terms

Course/Credit Terms [rev. 4/19/2007]

Credit – signifies recognition of attendance or performance in an instructional activity (course or program) that can be applied by a recipient toward the requirements for a degree or certificate recognized by SCHEV.

Credit Course – a course that, if successfully completed, can be applied toward the number of credits required for achieving a degree or certificate recognized by SCHEV.

Credit Hour – a unit of measure representing 50 minutes of instruction each week over a 14-week period in a semester or 100 minutes of instruction over a 7-week term.  It is applied toward the total number of credits needed for completing the requirements of a degree recognized by SCHEV.

FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) Student – a unit of measurement derived from the student credit hour productivity of an institution.  For undergraduate level credit hours, this is derived by dividing by 15 the total number of credit hours for a given period.  For graduate level credit hours, the credit hour total is divided by 12.

FTE, Annual (AFTE) – a calculation of enrollment based on total credit hours taken by undergraduate students divided by 30 and added to total graduate student credit hours divided by 24.

Seats Filled – denotes the number of registrations for credit courses, regardless of student classification.  (Ex. If a student takes five courses in the Fall, three in the Spring, and two in the Summer, the student has filled 10 seats for that academic year.)

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