Student Type Terms (Banner)

Student Type Terms (Banner) [rev. 4/19/2007]

Continuing Student – a Degree-seeking Student (graduate or undergraduate) who has enrolled after a semester in which he/she was New-to-Degree or New-to-University.

First-time Student – denotes a student (Degree-seeking or Non-degree Seeking) enrolled for the first time at a given level (i.e., undergraduate or graduate) at a particular institution.  Includes a student enrolled in the Fall term who attended a postsecondary institution for the first time at the same level in a just-ended Summer term.  A First-time Student is always coded as First-time in the Banner Student Type field.  Unless the First-time Student is Non-degree Seeking, the student is counted as New-to-Degree.  A First-time student is always counted as New-to-University.  (Note: A student who has completed the Student Transition Program in the Summer just before his/her first Fall semester is classified as a First-time Student in the first Fall semester.)

New-To-Program Student – denotes a student who began at the institution as Non-degree Seeking and has since entered a degree program and is therefore classified as Degree Seeking.  A change in a UMW degree program (e.g., from B.L.S. to B.P.S.) does not make a student New-to-Program and does not make him/her a Transfer Student; rather, it is simply a continuation of enrollment and must be reported as such.  A New-To-Program Student is always coded as New-To-Program but is counted as Continuing-at-University and New-to-Degree.

Readmitted Student – a student whose return to UMW requires formal action and notification by the Office of Admissions.  A Readmitted  Student is always coded as a Readmitted in the Banner Student Type field but is counted as Continuing.

Transfer Student – a student entering UMW for the first time but known to have previously attended a different post-secondary institution at the same level (i.e., undergraduate or graduate).  A Transfer Student is always coded as a Transfer in the Banner Student Type field but is counted as both New-to-Degree and New-to-University.

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